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Tiring Entrep practicum is tiring. Hyper friends are hyper. All good. Only three weeks of school left before summer vacation (during which there's Chem camp anyway and no softball?) so hell weeks are go!


Posted so I can keep track of my fandoms! :D

Detective Conan/Magic Kaito
Professor Layton
The World Ends With You
Kingdom Hearts
Hayate no Gotoku!

Happy New Year!

Jul. 31st, 2009

Moments of insanity, how I hate thee.



Huh. It's been a long time since I posted here. I didn't even write about the whole DS thing. Weird.

I'll probably be posting here now again.

Announcement!(?) + Thoughts on 166th Night

166th Night of DGM killed me ded. X_X Killed my fic idea (since my motto is stick as close as you can to canon manga events) too. So yeah. Slightly moody.

'Nywayz, I probably won't be posting here anymore. I'll be prolly be posting in my multiply account, http://saskk.muliply.com or if I feel like it, a Wordpress account. Dunno. Keep in mind that they're written in Filipino plus a few stray English sentences.


Sunday Report!

Today was...okay. Here's a few updates..
- Back in Neo for some reason
- PC's been sold so may be off for a while
- Still damning the viruses in the computer
- Looking for Pokemon Emerald
- Thinking like some sorta TV host/tour guide during dinner *facepalm*


Gasp! An Update!

Haha! So I haven't been posting much here, I guess. I write my usual daily stuff on my notebook journal.

-now lurking on the sporking community, [info]heartless_fics
-made a new icon, although it does need a few more editing *sweatdrop*

Not a lot of updates. Oh well.



Right... first up, started playing Sleuth again. New account, but I also log in on my old account. I write letters from one to another. In character. Being unsubscribed sucks. Anyways, school still sucks and I doubt I'll be getting any icons soon. Meh.
Right! Links:
Old account: saskk
New account:  D. Curos

What a sucky day!

23 weeks without posting? Daaaamn...

Anyway, PS2 is down. Again. Just when I was playing KH2. Dammit. No internet too. The cable for it was stolen and will be fixed on WEDNESDAY! *headdesks* Posting in an internet cafe T_T